Dr. David;s Bible Boot Camp Premier

This just a small preview of what I will cover on Wed’s broadcast. We will pick up the study on Revelation before weeks end – we are only a few chapters away from finishing the book! So tune in on ULC Radio on Wed Nov 2  from 8-9 PM Eastern Time.


Welcome to Dr. David’s Bible Boot Camp! Sit back and relax and grab your Bible and a cup of coffee as we get into God’s Word! This first session is an introduction to the Bible. If you are a mature Christian think of this as a review and getting back to the basics, if you are a new Christian or someone seeking answers then you will gain a solid foundation to grow on. Before we get to the Bible we need to know How to study the Bible, there are five things that we need to do to study the Bible properly and these are:

a. Accept the Bible just as it is and for exactly what it claims to be. Do not worry about the critics and their claims, they will pass on but the Bible will remain and stand.

b. Read the Bible with an open mind and a receptive heart.

c.Read the Bible thoughtfully

d.Memorize the books of the Bible- this will make it a lot easier to find them- instead of fumbling through the pages- once you have them memorized you will be able to turn to the book you are looking for quickly.

e. memorize favorite verses

What is the Bible- it is exactly what it claims to be and that is the inspired word of God. It is God’as word, that means it is without error, it is without contradiction and is the fianl authority on doctrine. It is absolute truth.

The Bible was written over a period in excess of 1500 years by over forty different authors yet it is internally consistent throughout. The Bible contains a literary continuity that it could have only been conceived of by one mind and that would be the mind of God. The authors wrote under the direction and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, they were allowed to use their own style and own rhetoric but the words are from God. They could what they wanted when they wanted.

What proofs are there that the Bible is true and accurate?

  1. It is an accurate historical record
  2. It is scientificaly accurate
  3. Its prophecies are fulfilled
  4. It is internally consistent throughout
  5. Men have died proclaiming the truth of the Gospels – men do not die for a lie but for truth they will not recant even under threat of death.

The most important proof is that of changed lives.


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