Keeping Christ in Christ Mass!

As we come to the holiday season I am aware that for some of us , it is a bitter sweet time.  Not all holiday seasons are just filled with joys and children’s giggles.  Sometimes is is a season of tears and sorrows.  Sometimes it is even a season of fear and uncertainty.  Jesus was well acquainted with sorrow, He has even been called the man of many sorrows.  Today in the retail world is a preview of Black Friday.  I stayed out of the stores today and I will also on Black Friday,which is by way of information on Nov 25 this year.  The stores will have Santa Claus there and Jingle Bells playing in the background  and the lines at the registers will be long and the lines to see Santa will be even longer. People will be fighting over the last of whatever  toys or  gadgets are popular this year. I am not trying to be a downer for Christmas but  I have found a better way than the world’s way. The world’s way is that of the glitter and tinsel and of presents and Santa and office parties and imbibing in much alcoholic beverages- to the world – these are not holy days but an excuse to party. Don’t get me we wrong, I enjoy a good party as much as anybody else but that is not the point of the Holy Days Season, and I think, no I know, at times it simply gets out of hand and the party does not recognize the significance of the celebration and that party becomes a means unto itself.  I know , what I was going through last year at Christmas time was truly a time of the testing of the faith of many in my family and I know at least two other families were going through the loss of a child ( a grandchild in my case).  It surely has been a long year with many ups and downs.  But that time of sorrow forced the focus of  Christmas from the candy canes and toys under the tree , and shopping to what is really important and what the significance of Jesus coming to earth in the form of  first, a baby, then a child, then a young man, and finally as the one to confront and defeat satan and finally to be the One to take the penalty of my sins, your sins, the sins of everyone who ever lived or will live, past, present and future sins, upon Himself.  And that is what the focus of Christmas should be.  Not the tree, not the lights on the tree, not the snow on the ground or the TV specials, now I  am not saying there is anything wrong with these things, but we should not let thenm detract from the true significance what Christmas is all about. It is not about  family, it is not about church, it is not about feeding the poor ( the hungry are with us the rest of the year too)  It is about God come to earth, it is about the Son giving up Heaven to be born with one specific purpose on earth- His mission was to be born to die.  What would Jesus say Christmas is about?  He would say it is not about Him but about us and our need for a Redeemer. He would say Christmas is about our sin, and our present to Him should be laying our sins at the cross, that is what He wants for Christmas. And we get back from Him the gift of grace and that is wrapped with His blood and the ribbon is the peace that passes all understanding.  We can come to Him at any time with any concern and He will grant us His comfort through the Holy Spirit, that he called the Comforter. And that is why I will have a nail hanging on my Christmas tree and that is why I can, as many others can come into this season with joyful hearts and sing praises to Him, in spite of sad memories or times that were full of pain, we have true JOY!  If you do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior , now is the time , and you can have the same peace and joy as so many others.  If you want to give Jesus something for Christmas, give Him your heart.


One comment on “Keeping Christ in Christ Mass!

  1. Most Reverned Bishop Lorraine Curran says:

    Thank you for your gental reminder Reverend, this time of year is bittersweet for all who have passed and christmases lost with those whos time I miss the most. As a recovering Alcoholic there were many holidays spent in a fog of self indulgance preceded and followed bythe depth of self pity. These holidays over the last 27 years of sobrity are filled by feeding the homeless and uncared for people. To those whos name has been lost in the depths of a bottle, I am here to show you the way out, or to make your last days bearable, with warmth, food, and comfort, You do count and I need you I am here for you, thank you,

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