Forty Days of Fasting and Prayer

I would like to ask that if you can beginning on Nov 21 through Dec 31 join me in a time of fasting and  prayer for this country.The United States if America. This country is continuing in a steep moral decline. We HAVE to turn this decline around and get back to the basics of the Bible on which the US was founded. “When a nations leaders are righteous the people rejoice”. History shows us that God uses evil nations to bring judgment upon other nations as a reminder that He is sovereign. We the People have forgotten our first duty as citizens and that is to get out and vote. And that is to get  out and vote our values. I am not going to tell you who to vote for or what political party to join. As  Christians ,it is not only our right to vote, our duty to vote , but an obligation to vote and vote for the candidate that represents your values. 

Fasting means to give up something it does not have to be food, it could be anything and you do not have to give  up that something for 40 days it could just be for one day or two days. 

I would  like for us all to pray specifically for the 2012 elections, this is going to be a pivotal  election and will determine the course of this country for decades to come. Also we need to pray for the current leaders and for the candidates that are seeking office. Herman Cain just asked  for and was granted secret service protection so the threats are starting to come in.  A man was just arrested for firing shots into the presidential living quarters in the White House.  That is not how we do things in the United States, and these things are symptoms of a deeper problem in our society. In the last 50 years we have slowly lost our moral compass without that compass we become lost and will not find our way back. That is why I say, we HAVE to GET BACK TO THE BIBLE and the timeless truths contained therein. George Washington said that our form of self-government would only work with a Godly people . The United States is the last bastion of freedom in the world, there is no place to escape from here to.  We are it and In see those freedoms being threatned more and more with each passing day and we have had leadership at the federal level for the last several decades that refused to address these issues. We have secular sharia law creeping into our courts and taking away our freedoms of speech and religion.We have activists judges legislating from the bench- that is a blatant violation of the constitution. Only the congress cans legislate laws. And , We the People have been sitting silent and doing nothing about it. We need to follow Jesus example and engage our politicians in debate. .  Jesus did it every chance He got. We think it amazing that he debating with the teachers at the temple when he was 12. That really was normal and expected- at age 12 males were expected to be elders and teachers in the synagogues. It was expected of them to challenge the priests in debate over the scriptures.   

The church at large needs to grow a spine and call ungodly things exactly what they are instead of watering down truth and moral laws until they are of no effect. 

We hear misinformation about “separation of church and state” that phrase is not found anywhere in the founding documents. That comes from a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to an elder at a church, the elder wanted Jefferson to come and help solve a conflict that was going on in the church. And Jefferson refused because he not  did think that the government should be  involved in church affairs.  Somehow this has gotten turned around. If you look at the first amendment it says “CONGRESS SHALL NOT” , the restriction is on congress not the church. 

We the People need to be an informed people- we need to know and understand our founding documents so the professional politicians cannot hoodwink us. We need to know and understand our history so the mistakes of the past will not be repeated. The United States is a Christian nation and was founded and built upon Christian ideals and morals. Our founders were brave bible believing men that risked everything including live and limb to establish a nation that would be self governing- this was never in history done before or since- we have had the same constitution for 250 years- lets pray to keep it that way for much longer! 

So join me in fasting and prayer for the next 40 days for a spiritual revival in this country!



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