A Short Primer on Biblical Prophecy

Prophecy in the Bible may or may not constitute the predicting of future events. The prophets were God’s spokesman. I like to define biblical prophecy as the FORTH TELLING OF TRUTH.   There are prophecies in nearly every book of the Bible. Many prophecies can be found in the Psalms that King David wrote.   There is only one book of prophecy in the New Testament, the book of Revelation. While in the Old Testament there are seventeen books of prophecy. They are divided into major prophets and minor prophets. This division is based solely on the length of the books. The major prophets being the longest and the minor prophets being the shortest. There are four major prophets and five books considered as major prophesies.  Jeremiah wrote the book that his name bears and Lamentations.

Isaiah- The Messianic Prophet

Jeremiah-  A Last Effort to save Jerusalm

Lamentations – a dirge over the destruction of Jerusalm

Ezekiel- “They shall know that I am God”

Daniel-The Prophet at Babylon

The minor prophets are:

Hosea- Apostasy of Israel

Joel- Prediction of the Holy Spirit Age

Amos- Ultimate Universal Rule of David

Obadiah-Destruction of Edom

Jonah-An Errand of Mercy to Nineveh

Micah- Bethlehem to be Birthplace of the Messiah

Nahum-  Destruction of Nineveh

Habakkuk- “The Just Shall Live by Faith”

Zephaniah- Coming of a Pure Language

Haggai- Rebuilding the Temple

Zechariah-Rebuilding the Temple

Malachi –  Final Message to a Disobedient People which is also the last book of the Old Testament.

We have 4 major prophets and 12 minor prophets and seventeen prophetic books.





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