Don’t wish me happy holidays or give me seasons greetings

I don’t want to have a “happy holiday” nor do I want to be greeted by any season!  I want to celebrate the birth of my Savior!  I want to be filled with joy, which is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  There is an old Sunday School lesson that teaches about joy it goes like this:

If you want joy you must think of :

J   esus first

O   thers second

Y   ourself last

It is this Joy that is brought about by the GOOD NEWS that angels announced to the shepherds.  They thought of Jesus before anything else, they left their flocks and went to see Jesus. The they told others about Jesus, and then they returned to their jobs.  Should we not do the same? 

The wise men traveled thousands of miles on foot and on camel for at least two years to pay homage to the Messiah, they thought of Jesus before themselves- they left everything to come and see the new born baby, who was to be the King of the Jews.  They followed a supernatural light that they called a star to witness another supernatural event- God in the flesh in the form of a new born baby- the Redeemer King, not only the king of Israel but the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!  And they brought gifts to this baby of Gold, frankincense and myrrh. Not typical baby gifts, even in those ancient times!  

In contrast to the shepherds we see Herod, who only thought of himself, and his throne.  So much so, that Herod killed his sons and his wife because he thought they were plotting to take the throne form him. The Romans gave him the title of king of the Jews, but he not  was eligible to rule Israel, nor eligible for even the title.  


So, in this week of Advent, I pose a question to you,  Are you a shepherd that will take time away from even your job to visit the new born King of Kings, or are you a wise man that will travel far, facing all kinds of dangers, to worship the Lord of Lords and bring Him gifts? Or are you a Herod that would seek to destroy the true King of the Jews and act only out of selfish motivations? 

Think on these things as we anticipate Jesus birth and come to the celebration and await with great joy and anxious anticipation the glory of His return to establish His Kingdom for all eternity, where there will be no more death, no more pain, no more tears, no more sorrows, only peace, joy, and love. 

Merry Christ Mass!!  



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