Who was there??? –

Welcome back to REVDavid’sBibleStudyBible Boot Camp! Grab a cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate and sit back and relax and listen as we explore the Word of God. We have been studying the nativity accounts found in the gospels of Luke and Matthew. Tonight we are taking a look at the people involved in these accounts, a character study, if you will. The main character is, of course Jesus,but before we study Him, lets look at some of the other major players in this, one of the most significant events in all of history, the birth of Christ, the only other event in history that can claim any priority to this is the resurrection of Christ. The characters that we are going to delve into are Zecharias, remember him? He was John the Baptist daddy. And Elizabeth, John the Baptists, Mother, Mary, Jesus Mother and Joseph Jesus step father and the angel Gabriel. . Every good novel, and every good movie or TV show has a villain, the nativity is no exception and so we can save the good and best for last we will start by taking a look at the villain in this historic event, that villain would be King Herod. This would Herod the Great, procurator of Judea and the one who inquires about the birth of Jesus, and the one that slayed the infants of Bethlehem. He was procurator of Judea from 37 BC to 4 BC. Now, remember we placed the birth of Jesus at 5 or 6 BC. Herod the Greats father was Paternity, Herod also had several sons, Archelaus, Antipater, Antipas,and Phillip as well as others. He had at least two wives, Doris and Marianme. Herod is known for building many cities and it was he that remoldeled the temple in Jerusalem to gain the favor of the Jews. He was a destroyer of people. He was so afraid at someone was going to take his throne from him that he murdered many of his own sons, and was responsible for the death of his wife Marianme. Herod failed to gain any favor from the Jews because of his selfish superficiality. The Romans gave him the title king of the Jews, which was not a genuine title for him, His attempt to gain the loyalty of the Jews failed miserably, because he was self centered and motivated only by selfishness. Herods whole life is an example of self destructive behavior. Herods reaction when he heard from the wise men about a new king, is consistent with what history says about him. The second he heard about a new king he hatched his plan to locate this new king and destroy him before he could become a threat. The main thing we can learn from Herod and his life is that No one can prevent God’splan from being carried out. Another is that great power brings neither peace nor security, and superficial loyalty does not impress people of God.

Now lets take a look at Joseph, We can see that Joesph was a man of great intergrity, he was open to God’s guidance and willing to comply with God’s will. Joseph was descended from King David, and he was Jesus earthly and legal father. Joseph had the courage of his convictions. He wanted to do what was right, no matter the consequences, not only did Joseph want to do what is right but he wanted to do it in the right way. One thing I need to mention here about the Jewish betrothal, that was a binding marriage contract, and though they were not married yet, the only way out of a betrothal was through a divorce decree. The betrothal was similar to our engagement period, but as you can see much more binding, During the betrothal, the two did not live together nor would they have comsuamted the realtionship. Guys, think about what is going on in Josephs mind, as Mary breaks the ews to him that she is expeccting and he knows he has not been with her, and she tells the unbelievable tale to you- about God the being the father of the child. Would you believe her or not? Well, Joseph was going to break the engagement and he had legal grounds , and Mary could have been stoned to death for committing adultery. Now Joesph could have done the divorce one of two ways, but he was going to do it in a way that did not put Mary to shame, he was going to do this with both justice and love. This is at the point when the angel Gabriel appears to Joseph and confirms Mary’s story. And Joesph married Mary as God had commanded through the angel. And Joseph and Mary did not consumate the marriage unitl after Jesus was born. The main lesson, I think we can learn from Joesph is that God honors intergrity and that being obedient to God’s guidecance bring more guidance from God.


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