The Prophet Malachi

Malachi is the last book in the Old Testament.  Both the Old and New Testaments close out with a book of Prophecy.  Malachi is about making the mistake of forgetting the love of God.  The word Malachi means “my messenger”.   Malachi was written during the last half of the fifth century BC.     Malachi’s life calling was to clarify the message that the priests had so badly bumbled.  Malachi predict the coming of another messenger that will precede the Messiah and clear the way for His coming.  We now know , this to be John the Baptist.  Malachi also gives us glimpses into Christ’s second coming. Lets do a timeline here and see where we are at historically:

536-515  B.C.  Temple in Jerusalem is rebuilt

464-424B.C.   Artaxerxes reigns in Persia

458 B.C.         Ezra leads a group of Returnees

444B.C.           Nehemiah leads a group of returnees

<circa> 443 B.C. The wall in Jerusalem is rebuilt

<circa> 420 B.C  Malachi’s Minmistry



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