What Exactly Does Peter Mean by “Wives Submit to your Husbands”?

Submission is :

( just side note here- do not type in “submission” on the google search bar! WOW!!- I did not need to see that!  I do not think that is what Peter is talking about here!)

Functional- a distinguishing of our roles and the work we are called to do

Relational- a loving acknowledgement of another’s value as a person

Reciprocal- a mutual, humble cooperation with one another

Universal- an acknowledgement by the church of the all encompassing of lordship of Jesus Christ.

Voluntarily cooperating with anyone out of love and respect for God first, then, secondly, out of love and respect for that person.  As difficult as it is, a vital part of leading unbelievers to Christ may involve submitting in some form to the unbeliever.  We are not to compromise our relationship with God. But we do need to look for every opportunity to serve in the power of God’s Spirit.  

Ladies I am going to close with this thought- if  your husband followed the instruction given in the verses in 1 Peter and Ephesian- which are instructions on how a husband is to treat his wife- If your husband treated you in this manner, which is very honorable- would there be any question of submitting to him, given the definitions of submission that have been presented here? 


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