The rest of the story of losing memory – almost there – almost got it by heart!

Lets continue on with the next three :

It is too Early for Phil to Care!( do you see what I did there?)





And here we go again with those 1 and two books!

1 Thessalonians

2 Thessalonians

1 Timothy

2 Timothy


The we have the end of the T books with


And then there’s that fella


And then we have Hebrews ( that is who brewed up all that tea above!!)

And that is all the Pauline Epistkles(Just for convience sake we are going to include Hebrews in the Pauline Epistles).


James stands all alone – lonely James!


And now we go one one and two books and then to a 123 book!


1 Peter

2 Peter

1 John

2 John

3 John

And then we go see (Hey Jude!)


and finally we get the end and have a




That is all the New Testament books! Now we jump back to the Old Testament to the prophetic books! They aredivided into the major and minor prophets. Lets tackle the the major prophets first!








Notice there are four major prophets but five major prophets book, that is because Jeremiah also wrote Lamentations and it was oiginally all one work.



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