Attitude of Servitude of Attitude of Freedom?

Before we go on with our study on finances I thought it would be helpful to know why I think a study like this is necessary. For one, I am for the most part speaking from personal exeprience and have gone from having nothing to having more than enough, back and forth between the two several times. Then losses were the result of violating one or more of the scriptural priciples I have outlined and that resulted in discipline from God. I can say from personal experince, “it is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.” God looks at the heart, that means He sees the motivation that one has for wanting to accumate wealth. He knows if one is working for simply for gain or if one is desiring profit without effort. Heart attidute is everything! The question I would like to pose is this:

Does your attitude lead to servitude of money or does your attitude set you free from finacial bondage? The wrong attitude leads to servitude. Did you knowe thay Jesus spoke more about money than He spoke about love?


The parables that Jesus spoke about money were more about the use and misuse of money than about the money itself. Money is a tool and like any other tool, it can be used properly to build or it can be misused and the result of that is destruction. Whether or not we use it to build up or destroy is in our attitude about money.


The finacial goal everyone should have is that of creating a surplus beyond savings and retirement funds. Even beyond meeting the needs of family – though that should be of first priority.

Breaking even is not even a starting point for the Christian. The reason for the surplus should be to meet the needs of others. We are called to be concerned and care for the poor and the oppressed. This kind of giving goes beyond the tithe. This surplus once created will give you security and peace of mind. Knowing that if you become aware of a need that you can help meet that need. How we as Christians handle our money is witness to the world of the lost. We will continue this study for the next few week s, and we will delve more into spending, savung, investing and giving and to whom we should give and to those we should not help. I have seen churches give to those more than once that it would have been more beneficial for the people they “helped” if they had not given them the funds.


SometimesGod will withhold funds to teach and to discipline, if someone interferes with that they are outside of God’ will.


We will pick up tomorrow on the study of how to handle personal finances in a biblical and God honoring way.


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