What Happened on Friday?

What Happened on Friday?

Thursday Jesus and the disciples obesrved Passover and Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper. Jesus was betreayed on Thursday evening as He and the disciples prayed. It is in the Garden of Gethsame where they prayed and Judas brought the temple guards to arrest Jesus. It is then that Peter cut off the ear of one of the guards. Then Jesus underwent bascially three trials on Thursday exteding into Friday morning very early. Pilate caved into the political pressure of that day and finally gave the Sanhedrin what the wanted- Jesus to be put to death- they meant it for evil but God meant it for good. The trial in the Jewish court was a knagaroo court which was an illegal trial held in the middle of the night with witnesses which were paid to lie. They meant it for evil but God meant it for good. It is now Friday- but Sunday is coming! It is Friday- Jesus is mocked and crowned with a crown of thorns and beaten so badly that He is beyond physical recognition – it’s Friday- But Sunday is Coming! Jesus is led to the Golgatha and stipped and beaten and nailed to the cross- it is Friday- Sunday is coming! The Apostle John is there as is Jesus Mother Mary– Jesus speaks from the cross- the pain, the blood, the shame, the humiliation, Jesus speaks from the cross- what an effort even that must have been- Its Friday- Sunday is coming- From the cross Jesus forgives, makes arrangements for His Mother’s care, shows His full humanity – and asks, prays, “My God, My God why have you forsaken me?” Did God really forsake His Son? I do not believe so, Jesus here is being human, what one of us in that situation would not feel like God had forsaken us? This is a very human question and came from the human nature of Jesus. He was letting the world know that at times we make feel as if God has abandoned us- that is how we feel( our emotions) but God’s promise is that He will never forsake us. And He will not and he did not forsake His own Son! It is Friday- Sunday is Coming!

Jesus forgives from the cross, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” Jesus here is interceding here for all sinners throughout eternity. He is looking into the time before the cross and the time after the cross and seeing not only the sin, but the sinner- it is here that the gift of grace is being granted to all who would accept it. Even as he is feeling the nails piercing his wrists and feet, as the thorns punture clear through the skull into the brain tissues, as the pressure on the chest becomes unbearable and breathing causes excruciating pain- He is suffering the torture that we (sinners) deserve as He is interessing with the Father for us. Its Friday, Sunday;s Coming! He cries out “I thirst” again showing His frail human nature. At last the Suffering Servant cries out – IT IS Finished! And says Father into Your hand I committ my Spirit. And He gives up the ghost. It is Friday- Sunday is coming! Jesus is then taken from the cross and laid in a borrowed tomb- it is Friday- Sunday is coming!

The disciple have gone into hiding where the remain all day Saturday, the Sabbath. What a dark sabbath that must have been! It is now Saturday- the Sabbath- but Sunday is coming!


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