What happenes in Auroa does not stay in Auroa

Bob Dylan several years ago released a song, “The Times They are a Chaangin”, well, not really. Things are pretty much like they have always been as far as human behavior is concerned. Man has been murdering his fellow man since Cain killed Abel, that was the first murder. The motives then were pride and jealousy.  Those two things stand out as prime motives for any murder or massacre as happened in Aurora Co yesterday.  I would like to make a special call for prayer not only for the victims but for the perpetrator  also and his family as well as the families of those whose lives he took.   This was an act of sheer evil and terror and pure evil personified.   This was not an act of spontaneous compulsion but a well thought out and well planned act of terrorism in its truest form.  That alone, rules out mental illness, which leads one to the conclusion that this man was under the control and  influence of satanic forces.  Satan was in that theater that day, but God was in that theater too.  The question has come up of how could a loving and merciful God allow such a tragedy to happen?  Before I get into that answer, we have to understand that we are living in the last days and there will be an increase in evil as the satanic forces know that their time is short and they will create as much havoc and heart ache and ruination as they can before they are cast into outer darkness for all eternity.   Now to answer the question as best as I can, first of all, we all have a fallen nature, our inclination is toward to doing evil rather than good.   Now God is not going to stop anyone from doing evil, that would interfere with our free will. We always have the free will to choose one or the other.  On the other hand God is not going to prevent anyone from doing good either, again, free will comes into play.  Yet God is always in control and working His will in all things through both good and evil people.

Romans 8:28

New Living Translation (NLT)

28 And we know that God causes everything to work together[a] for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

An even cursory reading of the OT historical and prophetic books show that God uses evil people and evil nations to bring about what His will is. Do not let the events of these last days dash any hope that you have nor do not let them make you cynical of your fellow man.  What good can come from this ,what is a  tragedy in our eyes, has yet to unfold, I do know that there was a spiritual battle  taking place in that theater as well and that means there were angels contending for the saints that were there and that God will have the last word and the final victory in this battle and in the battles to come.  

Stay faithful and pray without ceasing for the victims and their families and for the perp and his family as well, they have lost a son they love too.


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