Bulls eye? I think NOT!

WOW!!  The heat is finally gone!  Cold front came in finally and now all we need is some rain!  Prayed for some rain and we got scattered showers that only lasted a few minutes and the ground was dry almost immediately.   I keep having to clean off my desk, clutters of papers, coffee cups, pop cans and bottles and those fountain drinks cups (apparently WordPress does not think styrofoam is a word!) .  Life seems to get more complicated  and harder as I get older- thought by now I would have everything figured out and be rich or famous or rich and famous, but neither has happened – I want to be 22 again when I knew all the answers and everyone else was either wrong or just plain stupid.   No, I am not just ranting to be ranting – there is a point to all this.   The extreme weather we have been having – extreme heat with no rain- here in the Midwest we are under drought conditions(would rather be under donut conditions)   God knew we needed rain before I asked, and He did answer my prayer- just not the way I intended- we did get rain, but not enough to undo the damage already done to the crops.  I did not pray for a clean desk, I knew I would have to do that myself!  As that is a continual process, cleaning and making tidy ones surroundings.  How are cleaning and the drought related, let’s see if I can make the connection make sense. 

Just as cleaning has to be done on a continual basis, so does repentance, repentance is a continual life long process as we  clean the clutter out of our lives and we begin to grow spiritually. Repentance is not a one time event but a continuing action.  Not only is repentance necessary for people to remain in God’s good favor, nations need to repent to or they fall from God’s favor and come under His wrath, and become subject to divine judgment.  Once a person or a nation turns their back on God, He removes the hedge of protection that He had placed over and around them. And that is when evil takes the opportunity to step in. God will use evil to judge people and nations and a means to bring them back to repentance. However, this has not been the case of the United States. In the last seventy years, the nation has turned its back on God and refused to repent. The number seventy has a scriptural significance.   The decline in moral values and the resultant increase in things like school shootings and the massacre at the theater in Colorado a week ago, are symptoms of a deeper problem.  Not only has the nation turned its back on God, it has mocked Him and has walked away from Him.   The nation needs to get back to the basic core on which it was founded, a strong belief and acceptance of the Word of God as absolute truth,  that people need to be self sufficient and not dependent on the state for all their needs, the federal government needs to get back to the basics of providing for the common  defense(secured borders), and restraining and punishing evil. Those are the God ordained functions of government. Nothing more nothing less. God has commanded the Church to take care of the poor, it seems the government has usurped that responsibility from the Church.  Lets get back to letting the government do what God has ordained it to do and let the Church to what God has commanded it to do.   This tragedies and droughts and floods are just a mild taste of what God’s wrath is like, we, as individuals need to repent and keep repenting as we continue our walk with the Lord, and the nation as a whole needs to do the same and that is repent on a continual basis, make the correction just as a marksman does when he missed the mark, and missing the mark is the literal translation of the word for sin. 


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