November- Day of Atonement or day of Judgement?

As we in the US approach a presidential election there is much on many of our minds.  The economy seems to be the number one issue. A reported unemployment rate at over 8% and a real unemployment rate at 15%.  Along with that there has been a drastic moral decline that can verified by reading any newspaper or listening to any local news program throughout the country. The decline in moral values is in direct relationship to the decline in the economy.  This election is not about having a Democrat or Republican president, this election is about whether the republic of the United States will remain free from the bondage of an oppressive Marxist regime that will replace God with government or remain a free constitutional republic with a representative government  with the representatives elected by the people in free and open elections, as the founding fathers intended.   Over the last 50 years our rights and freedoms have been slowly and quietly taken away by an ever increasing sly and growing government. The past few years this has not been so oblique has it has become an open and obvious attack on our God given rights that the founding fathers codified in the US Constitution. That Constitution has also come under attack by those we the people elected to defend and support.  That is why this is the most important election in this century or the last.  At this point God has removed His hedge of protection from the United States for turning their back on Him, sacrificing infants on the altar of Molech, and turning the godless religion of secular humanism. We need to repent of our own personal sins and pray for the healing of this nation. God raises up rulers and God removes rulers at His will. God also uses people to accomplish His will, so this November, I ask that you go to the polls and vote and vote for the candidate that represents the values that you hold dear.  This election not only determines if this country remains a free and open society where we can openly worship, where we can openly protest in a peaceful manner, and where we have the right to speak our minds, but it will decide if God will bring His full wrath down on the United States and we go unceremonially into the dust of history. It is that important!  Go vote and cast a godly and righteous vote.


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