End Times

WOW!!  We are living in the end times!  The two guys that wrote the Left Behind series also released a book shortly after that that is titled Are We Living in the End Times?  That was what? Almost 10 years ago now? I have been re reading not the series but the book Are We Living in the End Times. These guys were dead on for the most part and what they missed they  did not miss by much!  Does the sobering realization that we are living in the last days bring you hope or despair? The truth is that we have been in the last days since the resurrection. But we are now in the end times. The return of Christ is close at hand!  Let me say this though, no one knows the day or the hour.  It is foolish to try to set dates. But we can recognize the signs and know that he season is here by the clues that the Prophets and Jesus left us in God‘s Word. For words of comfort go to the gospel of John and read what is called The Farewell Discourse.  This is somewhat covered here:






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