How Shall We Vote (Abbreviated Version) Carry it with you to the Polls   (From American Family Radio)

1. Vote Biblically.
2. Vote for morality over economics (morals over money).
3. Remember being just fiscally conservative is self-defeating. The moral issues will soon become unsolvable fiscal issues.. Vote for the former only as a last resort.

4. Never vote for any law that would “stick it” to a group of individuals who are not doing anything immoral
5. Vote for long term results over short term results.
6. Make sure the person you vote for, knows the difference between God given unalienable rights and Goods are things that are the product of someone’s work.
7. When voting for a proposition, ask yourself: Is this proposition allocating goods as rights? If so vote “No.”even if you really wish you could have those “goods.”
8. Do not vote for the public to pay for things like a ball park.
9. Vote for lower taxes
10. Do not vote for bonds. They are just an expensive way to borrow money.
11. Don’t blindly believe the stories the media tells about people.
12. Do not vote to give any powers to a “good” person or administration that you would not want a “Bad” person to have. They“ll use that power that you gave good men, for evil.
13. Vote for Christians or Jews who have a record that coincides with the moral heart of God not the greatly propounding government charity (that is other people’s money) your money for good works but refuses to use his
14.Do they have a Christian/Godly Worldview? How do they view the world? How do they live their lives? Do they speak the words but not live the life? Do they really believe? It will be obvious in their lives.

15. Look to see if they fail any of the litmus tests i.e. are they:
a. Pro-abortion or pro-choice
b. Pro-homosexuality or heterosexual immorality in any of its guises
c. Pro-socialism
d. Pro-income redistribution
e. Pro handouts vs. Tough Love
f. Multi-cultural to the point of hating America: While they should respect other cultures, do they believe in preserving the American culture and its Judeo-Christian traditions or are they at the core anti-American and anti-Jew or anti-Christian?
h. Anti-History: Do they try to rewrite the history of this nation’s foundation?
i. Have they cheated on their wives and have not genuinely repented?

16. Do not vote for any person who will vote his own conscience, or who cannot articulate the difference between a democracy and a republic and why a democracy is so dangerous.
17. Do not vote for anything that allows people to indulge their sin nature without consequences– be it laziness, sexual immorality, or whatever. True love will be strong and stern and move people out of dependency on the Government and handouts.
18. Remember that biblically, the purpose of government is not to redistribute wealth but to protect citizens from evil people and provide justice.
19. Do not vote or support any politician who has ever added “earmarks” into a proposed budget, even if they helped your state financially. That politician has stolen from other people to pay you. This is not just.
20. Make sure they believe that it’s the church’s place and the voluntary giving of kind individuals to provide goods to those who are unable to get those for themselves, not the governments’.
21. Make sure they love the Constitution of the United States, and will protect it and observe it. Do not vote for anyone who does not understand how the Constitution is to be interpreted or why it is “living” through amendments not through unelected judges.
22. Make sure they are proud to be an American and love this country. Don’t vote for anyone who wants to equalize or diminish America in any way.
23. Make sure they are for smaller government and for reducing the size of government and giving more power to the states and individuals.
24. Make sure they are not past members of any sort of socialist party. Unless they’ve publicly recanted all their stances, explained why they changed their mind and you see evidence that they have written and legislated in a different way since then.
25. Make sure you know whom their friends are and what their friends believe. Remember the old proverb? A man is known by the company he keeps.
26. And finally and most importantly, do they understand what the primary moral code of our republic is? Do they believe it is the Judeo-Christian moral code as documented in the Bible? Do they know what Natural Law is?


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