Proverbs 29:9 ” When a wise person debates with a fool, the fool rages and laughs and there is no peace and quiet”


The above verse comes to mind after seeing last nights vice presidential debates. I have seen two years show more respect than he did last night. His behavior was unacceptable for someone in his position as Vice President of the United States.  It was deplorable and will prove to be devastating politically.  Paul Ryan is to commended for the restraint and cool reserve that he showed.  How a Vice President should compose and comport himself. The current administration has shown to be either incompetent or dishonest, neither or which the American can or should tolerate. There have been high crimes committed and poorly executed cover ups exposed at the hand of officials in the upper echelons of this administration, if not from the very top itself. This has resulted in the loss of life and this is inexcusable.  Our sovereign soil was attacked and to date no plausible action has been taken. The terrorist have achieved their goal of us going after each other and playing the blame game. Yes, there should be an investigation into what went wrong , but we, so far, have not been pursuing the enemy. And that is where our focus needs to be.  Why has there been no military action taken? This is a continuation of the status quo policy of the Obama regime of leading from behind which gives the impression to our enemies that we are weak and will do nothing. Yes, the FBI is investigating, but that reactive, as all law enforcement by nature of its function is reactive, We need to be pro active- we are at war- Mr. Obama seems to think that just Bin Laden is dead, that Al Queda died too. This is a very grave and dangerous error. Peace only comes through strength. And it is only through strength that a just and honorable peace can be attained.  And that may mean going to war, which we have been at war with the terrorist, this round, since 2001. Last time it took 32 years to vanquish them. That was when Jefferson sent the Marines to the shores of Tripoli.  DE Ja Vue?   We need to keep our resolve and not quit the fight or we will all be under Sharia Law. That means no freedoms or rights whatsoever.


Politics as Unusual

This coming election is not about politics it is about the morals that our society will have. Folks, we are treading on dangerous ground and very close to falling under Divine wrath! The last several years that has been a creeping paradigm shift from moral absolutes to a relativism that was practiced in biblical times. The past few years though it has been more open and less oblique than in the past. Unless this changes we as a nation and a society are doomed. The first sign that a society or nation is about to fall in that of moral decline. We have people in leadership roles in this country that are calling wrong, right, and calling right wrong. The Bible even mentions the downfall of those who do what is right in their own eyes. We need to return to the values of absolute morals and absolute truth. Absolute morals means whatever is right is right for everyone in every situation, every time. Absolute truth means what is true is true in all circumstances all, the time, for everyone. And where do these morals and truth come from? They come directly from God. And He makes it clear what is right and what is wrong. Where can these moral values and truths be found? The only place is in His word the Holy Bible. The foundation of our laws and judicial system come directly from the Bible. Our laws are all based on the Ten Commandents. Yes, American laws were also based on English Common Law and those laws are based on the ten Commandements. Even our judicial system is based on what is found in scripture! As well as how our government is set up, examples of the basis can be found in scripture. A reading of the books of Dueteronomy and Levitics will reveal many similarities to our legal system. Moses picked certai men to be judges to hear disputes. Sound familar? A study on the Sanhedrin that caused so much trouble for Jesus and later Paul will reveal a political system much like our Congresss, that is comprised of the Senate and the House of Representives. Only is was the Pharisees and the Saducees. Was Jesus engaged in politics? Absolutely! Not the Roman governments political affairs but the political affairs of the Jews. The Romans allowed the Jews to run their own political affairs to a great extent. And to govern themselves to a certian extent. And that is where Jesus was involved in politics. One must bear in mind that in Jesus day your religion to a great extent determined your politics. More on that at a laater time. My point is that we must change this course of offering babies on the altar of Molech. I am talking about abortion.

The primary reason abortion is wrong is because God said we are not to murder. But not all people believe what God says, so let’s look at it from a different angle.

We are allowed to take life under the prescribed requirements of law, such as self defense, war, execution, etc. Each of these areas deals with Law. Self defense is justified because an antagonist is breaking the law (burglary, robbery, assault, etc.), and we can use force to protect ourselves and our property. War is the legal declaration of hostilities towards another nation. Execution is the legal taking of life against someone who has committed a crime, or crimes, worthy of execution. In each case, the antagonists are dealt with for the wrongs they have committed.

However, the baby in the womb has done no wrong, yet it is executed. It is executed but has broken no law! What crime has been committed? What law have they broken in their existence? None. Yet they are killed.

I am reminded of Nazi Germany. The Jews were guilty of being Jews, and were, according to the Nazis, worthy of death. Likewise, the babies in the womb are guilty of being babies in the womb, and are, according to the parents, worthy of death. What laws did they break? What made them unworthy of life? The answer is simple: it depends on the opinion of those in power, of those wielding the knife and redefining what is life, and of those deciding who is worthy of life and who should die.

It is only in abortion that someone is executed but has not violated the law. This is fundamentally wrong, and this is why abortion is wrong.

Since when do we kill someone who’s broken no law?

Since when do we kill someone who’s only “crime” was being brought into existence via the copulation of his or her parents?