What Time Is It?

For years, we went without daylight savigs time in Indiana. Now, every six months we move our clocks back and then up again. There is an old Indian ( that is Native American) saying, ” Only the white man would cut six inches off one end of a peice of cloth and sew back on the other end and be convinced that he has made the cloth longer”  I wake up and wonder what time it is!  it btakes me about four months to adjust to the time change, first it is still dark when it should be dawn, then the sun is still shining bright in the sky when it should be dusk.  But then it changes back and the reverse is true! No wonder, we all have sleep disorders!  What college is it that teaches there is more than 24 hours in a day anyway?  I think this is a political ploy so the politcians and the bankers can play golf at  ten o’ clock at night. That is when they come up with these ridiculous plans that get passed into law and it only costs the consumers money. I think it is time for a change, a change back to the old ways, when it was easier and made sense. 


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